Installation Guide

Cladding installation is easier than you may have thought. Take a look at our short 4 minute video with a thorough guide on how to install our hygienic wall cladding. We have also broken the video down in to step by step instructions to guide you through each section.





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Step 1 - Tool Selection

Welcome to PCD’s hygienic cladding installation video. To begin the installation, you will need the following tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Jigsaw
  • Hacksaw
  • Rubber mallet
  • Marker pen
  • Combination square
  • Base level or spirit level
  • Mixing device & 4mm notched trowel - If deciding to use the 2 part adhesive
  • Application gun
  • Wipes
  • Premierbond adhesives & silicones
  • Work table



Step 2 - Wall Preparation

Always install PVC cladding onto a thoroughly clean wall. We recommend an application of watered-down PVA solution 24 hours before commencing work, to ensure all particles are removed.



Step 3 - Setting Level

Use a laser level to align the capping and transition base at the bottom of the wall, so that it sits on the floor, the skirting or the worktop.



Step 4 - Measuring Cuts

The level of the floor will dictate whether the sheets will need to be cut to fit. If there is no laser level to hand then a spirit level can be used.



Step 5 - Adhesive Preparation

Place the trim onto the predetermined level using the single-part Premierbond adhesive and apply pressure with your hands. Leave it to set for the time stated on the adhesive. We recommend using masking tape to hold the profile in place.



Step 6 - Adhesive Application

Now, measure the cladding area and mark out the final placement for each sheet including all sockets, switches & pipes.

Remember: always measure twice and cut once. If there are corners in the cladding area, check the level of the walls as sheets may need to be adjusted to fit.



Step 7 - Fitting Sheets

There are three different adhesives you can use to stick the sheet to the wall:

if you require full coverage, we recommend using the Premierbond two-part adhesive.

The Premierbond HT adhesive, recommended for internal & external use...

...or the Premierbond SF adhesive for internal use only.



Step 8 - Fitting Accessories

For the Premierbond two-part adhesive, mix together solutions A and B with a drill-fitted mixing paddle. To ensure an even consistency, mix for a minimum of two minutes.


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